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Unmanned Autonomous Systems Academy (UASA) is a not for profit Research & Education organization.  Our outreach programs have helped frame the use policies of LASR since 2013 with publications cited in US Federal Law making and Congressional Testimony. 
Our members are leaders in advancing responsible and effective use of LASR for public benefit. UASA provides its member-users of Land.Air.Sea Robotics (LASR) with strategic implementation planning; curriculum; and trainer/teacher certification.
We are focused on the use of LASR in Public Safety; Environmental Science; Media/Entertainment, and Education (STEAM).
We conduct 6 field expeditions each year, mostly in support of Media/Electronic News Gathering or Environmental Science Data Collection.  We conduct up to 4 large scale LASR Strike Team Position Task Book workshops in conjunction with Public Safety Exercises each year meeting the needs of the professionals seeking federal credentials.  We conduct 2 "deep dive" Data to Information Workshops each year focused on actionable information skills in GIS.  Our T3 certified instructors offer 100's of courses locally in their communities each year.
We teach online (Any Time Any Place - ATAP) and in-person at our training centers using appropriate health safety protocols.  Our award-winning ATAP program ensures a quality experience with proven results for your participants to "take a virtual immersive field trip" using our LASRlive technology.
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