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190210 VARs

Hello everyone, here a status update on what is going on with the Virtual Augmented Reality station (V.A.R.s). The HTC vive system checklist version #1 has been put through the first phase of the validation process which is haveing fellow lab techs use the checklist and is now awaiting to review of the recording from the MOBAARS cameras for the final approval. Inaddition, to this I was able to complete the first version of the checklist for the Flight simulator (I had a lot of fun) and get the keyboard controls mapped out to one side of the keyboard so that its easy to access while flying. Finally, this week I will hopefully begin the install process and testing of the proposed VR car Simulator once its approved. I am really pleased to see all of it slowly coming togather after this long road of figuing out how to utailize this amazing technology. This concludes the status update on the VARs station for this week.

Until next week!

Nathaniel Disney


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