AWS Image Categorization Progress

By Elisabeth Cawley

This week I explored Amazon Sagemaker’s example Jupyter Notebooks. The example notebooks contain code that shows how to apply machine learning solutions by using Amazon SageMaker.[1] I tried a few of the image classification notebooks. They require Docker containers.[2] Docker Desktop Enterprise is a new commercial desktop offering that gives you everything you need for enterprise-ready container-based development, providing developers and IT the easiest, fastest and most secure way to deliver containerized applications from development to production. [3] Unfortunately our desktop has windows home and not the required windows pro or enterprise so there’s been a bit of a delay. I took the extra time to start watching a lecture series on convolutional neural nets by Dr. Fei-fei Li. [4] These lectures are a real pleasure. This upcoming week I’ll begin researching using image subtraction with amazon to identify ellipsoids.






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