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Earning Advanced Flight PQ

I recently reached the 250 hour milestone for total flight hours logged on DJI systems. Practicing in high wind, long distance, low altitude mapping, and maritime operations has allowed me to gain experience in a multitude of different conditions. I have become more familiar with drone mapping software and am ready to dive into ESRI to begin learning story maps so I can present the data I've collected. Having mapped every portion of the schools environmental buffer I am now interested in using on campus areas for environmental research and applying it to classroom concepts. AACC has done an amazing job of building a campus which protects and preserves habitat. It is our responsibility as students and staff to assist in theses good practices for all future efforts. Professor Baker of the ESI program and Nyia Curtis helped organize a volunteer "Trail Clean Up" initiative earlier this week.

"Dividing the Arnold campus is the Earl S. Scott Nature Trail, which is through a small tract of forest and running along a stream. The 3.5 mile trail has pedestrian bridges to provide dry passage over Dividing Creek and handrails along the trail’s steeper portions. The walking trail is open to faculty, staff, students, and community members. The walking trail is named after Earl S. Scott a groundskeeper and a cross-country coach that worked at AACC from 1990-1999. By himself he upgraded, improved, and maintained the college’s walking and nature trail making it safer, building rails and stairs, and beautifying it. Facilities does not currently maintain the walking trail. That’s why our help is needed!" - Heather McFarland

Last year, an architecture student named Mark Davis and I worked together on a drone mapping project of the library. From the data we collected, we found that the library left the smallest footprint than any other building on campus. The engineers and architects that designed this building surely knew that it wouldn't be like the rest. The library is a LEED accredited building which signifies an advanced use of green building practices. The use for environmental data with sustainable construction and property management is always important and useful.


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