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First Flight

Flight Deck on West Campus

Two weekends ago I completed flight school so that I

can begin flying drones commercially and for the lab. It was a sixteen hour Saturday/Sunday class that involved learning the controls and how to perform the required maneuvers. On Wednesday, Nick, Kenneth and I set out to fly on campus for my first time. Nick is our most experienced pilot in the lab and Kenneth is new to drones and was in my flight school class. We were flying over at west campus working with Nick to help map out the area and gain experience flying for the lab. Overall things went well and I look forward to logging some more flight hours.

Kenneth and I also spent a little more time editing my project video as I gain more knowledge of all the features Adobe Premier has to offer. we have been working on eliminating the shadow effect from the green screen along with improving the audio. I feel like the video is really coming along nicely and nearing the finish line.


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