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LASR@ AACC Sports Science Program

This past week I began testing with a video analysis and modeling tool. I used it to analyze a local high school student's lacrosse skills. I had him take a couple shots from about ten to fifteen yards away from the goal for me to analyze and give him constructive feedback. With this tool I was able to dissect the mechanics behind his shot and help evaluate his strengths and weaknesses. I was able to find areas for improvement so that he can develop his skills and improve the quality of his shots. This tool will be very beneficial for our sports science and player analysis program here at the LASR lab because it will allow for athletes and coaches to break down the mechanics of their respective sports and help improve their skills.

I have also been working with the soloshot3 camera to have it ready for player tracking. This will be great for our field sports here at the college like lacrosse, soccer, and baseball. The camera has a gps tag that will be worn by the player and the camera is able to automatically capture the action on the field while keeping the subject in the frame. We can use this footage to analyze whether the player is in the correct position on the field for that particular situation in the game according to the design of the play, the score, and the time remaining in the game.


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